Maxime Robillard & Sebastian Perlman

Spacial Cadet Society

20. - 27. Januar 2014

He was in New York City, dreaming about he, myself and another creating a beach dune installation in the office both him and I used to work in. At the same time, I was in Ringkøbing, Denmark, walking along the beach and running up the dunes in the glow of a cloudy Danish autumn afternoon. This 8-channel sound installation addresses the chance cosmic meeting of his dream and my reality. For this piece, I remained the character in his dream: accepting the rules and situation he unconsciously established while taking on a life of my own. Since we never met in person before or during the exhibition, the dream and piece are still on the same level of memory and imagination – one is just as real as the other for him. It is an immersive sound play created in response to the actions and feelings he recalls in his dream.

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