electronic mermaid witchcraft

25. November 2017 kl 17.45

KOY is the solo project of Berlin-based composer and singer Victoria Trunova. Born in St. Petersburg (RUS) and raised in Germany, KOY has lived in and travelled between Berlin (GER), Helsinki (FI), Oslo (NO) and Bergen (NO). Along the way, KOY has collected musical traces that travel with her sound.

After debuting with her first self-released single “HEAT” last April, KOY is now releasing the video for her second single “RUN”. Musically satisfying for all fans of “Stranger Things” and 80s heartache-synth-pop this dancy new wave gem digs into the deeper spheres of the soul. The video was produced by artist Dylan Gephart from Chicago. Combining digital art aesthetics with a dark atmosphere it lets you dive into KOY’s magical world of sci-fi ‘electronic mermaid witchcraft’.

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