Jan Moszumanski

Over seeing without watching

27. Januar 2018 kl 14.00

/over seeing without watching/ is a performative lecture combined with elements of sound acoustic mimesis. In face of technological augumentation of judicature and proportionally to progressing of the state apparatus automation ‒ the administration gradually takes over the duties of the law enforcement agencies and forces preventing social unrest. Taking as a starting point Jacques Rancière’s observation, that in order to function all administration necessarily needs language (The Ignorant Schoolmaster, 1987) the lecture explores a scenario in which we gradually withdraw to pre-linguistic means of communication, as an emancipatory strategy allowing the possibility of developing a language whose rules would evolve at a pace rendering its use as a basis of repression impossible.
Jan Moszumanski-Kotwica (b. 1990, Kraków, Poland) works with film, sculpture and sound. He was studying fine arts at academies in Krakow, Oslo and Malmö. His work is concerned with emotional landscape of idelological systems influencing his life, and the relativity of value of material and immaterial labour. He is occupied with the economy of sublime and its expression in monuments, as well as the invention of commodified experience of fear through Horror fiction, that took place parallely to the Industrial Revolution, in other words affinity between the mist and the smog. In his multisensory Sturm-und-Drunk new not-so-romantic black noise show Death Wind he is challenging the pathos of romantic image of affective relation between human and weather (nature). In November and December 2016 he worked as an assistant to Bouchra Khalili’s project commissioned by documenta 14 in Athens. Currently he is working on a video dedicated to problem of recursion in contemporary mechanisms of shaping identity VR Porn Must Be Third Person View or the Fun Is Gone: a Bubblecore Essay, as well as on the project for Ghetto Biennale, Port-au-Prince, dedicated to research on a model of spirituality that would work well within the framework of New Materialism. Occasionally under alias Jan Moss.


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