Inga Krüger & Gisa Pantel

A Single Orange

13. februar 2016

A tattoo

A new hair cut or color

A plaster around your wrist

Bright white shoes

A scratchmark in your face

Black eye

Eye patch

Eye make up

Bronzed skin

One painted finger nail

Hole in your trousers above the knee

Key in your hands

Green tongue

Wet hair

Folder under your arm

A suitcase

A swollen nose

A tanline

Neon clothes

A beard

Dry skin

A lot of plastic bags

A scar

A dog

A baby

A towel

A flower

A bottle

A plate

Now go and mingle


Inga Krüger (b. 1988, DE) is educated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster and Kungl. Konsthogskolan Stockholm. Her artistic practice is an investigation regarding the characteristics of the occasion, specific sites, situations and their conditions. She adapts playfully yet precisely the language and ways of figuration of these mutually dependent categories, to develop spacial installations, performantive settings and a narration around them. She lives and works in Düsseldorf.

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