Gry Bagøien


6. Januar - 3. Februar 2018

Gry Bagøyi’s sound work “Instinkt” is a documentation of performance interaction between human and whale singing. The work has been made on the basis of underwater recordings from Tromvik in northern Norway, where the artist stayed in January 2017. It is in continuation of other previous projects where Gry Bagøien, through song and sound, investigates whether there is a common language between people, plants and animals . The meeting between human song and whale singing points to how our voice, body and fragility can connect with the world’s other voices and bodies. It places us in a network that is larger than the man-made universe, where the boundary between humans and other life on the globe is more open and fluid.

Listen at Spikersupa Lydgalleri Every-day 15 minutes every hour from 11am – 9pm.

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