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23. Februar kl. 14

Cecilie Beck - Spikersuppa LydgalleriWhen I was about 6 years old, my parents found me playing a piano at a family party. They instantly decided to buy me one though none of them had any musical background.


My mother has always been creative, so it was natural for me to express myself via different kinds of media.


I was a troubled kid who grew up in a loving family. I was rebellious but protected. When I finally graduated, I had studied on 3 different high schools.
Then I went to India for 4 months. It was my first journey outside Europe and the trip marked me for life. Coming from a socialist democracy, I saw a clear class system with my own eyes for the first time.


In 2006 I was accepted at The Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts.


The academy was a door to the rest of the world, and I went on exchange at Konstfack in Stockholm which was followed by an internship for Annika Lundgren in Berlin. After this, I took a year out of school and went back to Asia for half a year to travel through Malaysia, India, Nepal, Singapore and Indonesia. I lived 4,5 months in a neo colonist Swedish surf camp in a black magic Islamic village on Lombok in Indonesia. Feeling estranged to both of the clashing cultures, I spent many hours on my motor bike and on the beaches reflecting upon different kinds of societies. My work was based on gender, hierarchy and Capitalism and it was communicating directly to people in public space.


When I returned to Denmark, I felt rootless and after 3 months my suitcase was packed on a plane facing New York City. I did self studies for 4 months until I was accepted at Parsons’ MFA. The program at Parsons didn’t impress me, but I loved to be in NYC, where I explored other art scenes. It was possible for me to create a space where my sound and visuals could interact. Every day I walked miles and miles to experience the city. I always brought my dictaphone and a notebook. I hung out with all kinds of people – from generous rich dudes to homeless people in the streets: wandering from a spaced out new age spiritual artistic community in Williamsburg to an interactive Bushwick based art and music scene. I went from every single end station on the subway to the center of the apple to investigate the city.


As one of my many visas expired, I tried to go back to Denmark. But my heart was in New York. Now I have settled in the city and though it is an overwhelming chaotic turbulence of inter junctions and never-ending struggles, this is the only place where I have ever really felt home. This city is a sea of inspiration for me and I feel productive here. My songs sing themselves and my visuals are painted by them.
And I love that I can meet all cultures while taking a stroll in the streets.

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