Singing bowls

Admir Korjenic

January-February 2020

Singing bowls, categorized as standing bells, originate from central Asia and have existed since 500
BC. They are primarily used to reduce stress, in therapy, as part of religious practices and are
considered to be an important instrument in ambient and world music. The bowls vibrate when hit
by a mallet and the sound will continue to reverberate if the mallet is rotated around the outside
With «Singing Bowls» Korjenic aims to introduce the meditative sounds of the bowls to public space,
as opposed to the somewhat private nature of most singing bowl-related practices. The work is an
open invitation to a relaxing listening experience right in the middle of the buzzing center of Oslo.
The recording of sounds is a collaboration with artist Lona Hansen.

Admir Korjenic (f. 1984) is an artist and musician currently working and living in Oslo. He holds a bachelor’s degree in digital culture and media from the University of Bergen and has worked as a producer for Ekko, Borealis, Østre and Lydgalleriet. He runs the record label Maksimal and has a number of releases on labels like Take It Easy Policy, NLS Records and Maksimal.
In his sound works he explores human activities, objects and infrastructure and their long-term effect on the environment, species and ecological processes.


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